New Skill

Jack has another new skill. I've learned that he does not enjoy tummy time....that is, unless he's in only a diaper. So every night we spend about 10 minutes lathering up his eczema and hanging out on his tummy in only his diaper. So now to the new skill...he can spin! He's been turning 180 degrees when he's on his tummy. It's not crawling, but it's at least the start of mobility. Almost time to baby-proof the house!

Jack has added a few more foods to his menu options: applesauce and bananas. He loves the fruits as much as he loves the veggies! We also tried green beans about 3 weeks ago, and he ate them fine, but he was very spitty and fussy that afternoon/evening, so we haven't tried them again.

We're looking forward to two big things this Saturday: 1) our first swim lesson and 2) a visit with my girlfriends and two of Jack's girlfriends (Giana Marciano and Ella Cozad). Daddy is going to the swim lesson to take pictures and videos, and I'll definitely be taking pictures at Jack's play date. Stay tuned.

Here are some other recent pictures.

Trying on his new mittens:
Little train conductor man:
Snuggle time with Daddy:Lily, Mia and Jack:

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