Sick Baby

Our little guy is sick. He has his first cold with a runny nose, congestion and this horrible cough, which we refer to as "daycare cough." He also has an ear infection in one ear, and judging by the white lumps on his gum, is working on a tooth or two as well. Poor little man! He's been quite a trooper though - still sleeping very well despite the annoying cough and he is only occasionally fussy. He started amoxicillin on Saturday, which he will take for 10 days for his ear infection. Unfortunately, we had to just ride out the cough/cold, which could take another week or so.

We had to skip our first swim lesson (doctor put the kibosh on that). Addison and Melissa went and had a good time, so Jack and I are looking forward to next Saturday.

Jack also didn't get to see his girlfriends Giana and Ella. We had a change of venue and went to Lisa's house instead of ours and Grandma Lang came and watched Jack so I could still go. It was nice to see everyone - Giana and Ella are getting so big! - but I was bummed Jack didn't get to have his play date. I'm not sure when he'll next see Giana, which is a shame.

We did have another play date on Friday night though - Jack met mommy's cousin Julie (the last one he hadn't met) and her daughter Maya and also played with my cousin Cindy's daughter Sam. I did a google search and determined that Maya and Sam are Jack's second cousins; Cindy and Julie are his first cousins once removed; and Maya and Sam are my first cousins once removed. So complex. We tried to have a photo shoot, but it's a little difficult with a 6-month-old and two 2-year-olds.

Sam, Jack and Maya:
Jack and Maya:Jack and Sam - Love this one - she moved that baby away from him so fast!!St. Louis has been having great weather this weekend - 60+ degrees! - so Jack, Maggie and I have gone for two walks. Jack seems to love it - he kicks his little feet the whole time and just looks around, completely ignoring the toys that I bring along for him. Today on our walk, Jack debuted a new accessory - a baseball cap! I was literally giggling out loud (yes in public by myself) at how darn cute he looked with his little shoes, his Cardinals cap and his kicking little legs. What a big boy.
I tried to take a video this morning of him shooting a basket and was unsuccessful. I will keep trying - he has made at least three baskets that we've witnessed. Anyway, in the meantime, he displayed his lovely cough for the camera, so I thought I would post it.

Isn't it so sad??

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Lisa C. said...

Love the hat! Can't get over how it makes him look so much older. He's definitely a "little man" in that hat.