Haircut! And Other Updates

I finally broke down and cut Jack's hair. A couple months ago, Jason desperately wanted to cut it and I wouldn't give in - who cuts their 5 month old's hair?? Finally, a few weeks ago, I resigned and said I was ready at which point Jason had changed his mind. It's laying down a lot better now, so why bother? But the long pieces on top were REALLY starting to bother me, and now that the rest of his hair is coming in, I decided it's time to shorten the long baby hairs on top. I was fully planning to take him to one of those cutesy barber shops made for kiddos (and still will for his first official haircut), but I couldn't wait any longer. SO, I got out the scissors! I have to say after just a few snips, it is a VAST improvement! I still have some touching up to do, and as I said, he will need a professional haircut one of these days, but for now, I am satisfied.

After (you probably can't tell a huge difference, but trust me, it looks better!):
Freshly cut 'do:
Let's see, what else is new with Jack. He has tried a few new foods: pears and peaches. We also found the first food he doesn't like - avocado! He was not a fan, and neither were several of my friends' babies. They'll come around when they discover guacamole I'm sure. We tried Puffs for the first time the other day and he made the funniest face - I don't think he knew what to do with it! We'll keep practicing.

Puffs face:
Still no progess in crawling - as I said, he rarely stays on his tummy for long stretches, so I'm pretty sure he'll be a late crawler. I have been holding him by his hands and letting him walk, and boy, does he think he's a hot shot! Just smiles and giggles the whole time. He's of course very wobbly and not close to walking on his own, but it's still fun to practice.

Jack has now gone to three swim lessons and he's loving it. He figured out how to stand in the shallow water (the first day he just kept letting his feet float instead of pushing them down to the bottom - not sure he realized there was a bottom). He likes to splash and is getting good at reaching for a floating toy when he's on a kickboard on his tummy. Mommy is having fun too. I decided last week to try dunking him. The lifeguard told me to blow in his face so he'd hold his breath, then dunk him. So, I did, and he was not a happy camper. He got this horrible frowny face and let out a cry! It only lasted a second, but I still felt bad. Apparently not too bad though, because I tried it again and this time he just had the frown face but no cry. Baby steps!

He also finally had a couple good play dates with his friend Addison. We realized that until now, every time we've gotten them together it's when we're hanging out for the night and the babies get to play for maybe half an hour before they have to go to bed. Last Sunday we watched the afternoon Mizzou basketball game (boo!) with the Ashers, so Jack and Addi got some quality play time in. It was really fun to watch them. My favorite was when Addi tried to pull herself up on Jack not realizing he's not quite as sturdy as the couch or ottoman that she's used to. They both toppled over. I took pictures and videos, which are on the other computer (with Jason at Tablerock Lake), so I will have to post them later.

Handsome guy (with self-inflicted scratches all over his forehead):

Love those cheeks! And you can kind of see his "before" hair here too:

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