Taylor's First Point

We went to Taylor's second football game last night. He got to play a ton - he and another guy basically switched off and played every other offensive play. He also did the kickoffs and got to kick an extra point after his team's lone touchdown...and the kick was good!! His first point! He said during practice he's been kicking 40 yard field goals, so hopefully he'll get a chance to display that in an upcoming game as well. Unfortunately, his team lost again.

Jack enjoyed his second football game, but it was a little warm for his taste, which made the little baby acne that he just started sporting look worse. Poor little man. And it didn't help that he was mistaken as a girl for the second time in his short little life. Some lady at Target thought he was a girl last week, but I blew it off because he was wearing a neutral onesie. At the game last night though, Jason was holding Jack and a lady came up and said (in her sweetest baby voice) "Aaaaw, it looks like she was just born yesterday." Oh come on, lady! He was wearing a blue onesie with footballs, soccer balls and baseballs on it!! Clearly he is a boy! Jack didn't seem to mind the mix-up though.

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Lisa C. said...

I just don't get it! Ella gets called a boy all the time and she can be in head to toe pink - what in the world?!?!