Another Friend & First Outing

Jack met another one of his friends yesterday - my friends Amanda and Lisa came to visit and Lisa brought her daughter Ella, who is turning 1 tomorrow! They didn't do a lot of playing just yet, but some day they will be buddies!!Jack also had his first big outing yesterday (aside from a quick trip to Target the other day, which doesn't count in my mind)! We took him to his cousin Taylor's first high school football game in Washington, MO (about an hour away). It was a good time despite the unfortunate outcome of the game. Taylor got to do two kickoffs and played wide receiver almost the whole second half. It was fun to watch! Jack didn't pay too much attention, but we had our first feeding in the car experience, which was interesting.

I took my camera and took 58 pictures - eek! I'm a proud aunt, what can I say? Here's Taylor's kickoff to start the game:
Taylor is #89 - lined up on the right side getting ready to make a run (is that the right football lingo?):Jack intently watching his first football game (OK, not really watching, more listening I suppose):

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