First Time Apart

Jack and I had our first time apart last night. We had a pretty rough day yesterday - I had a pounding headache and Jack spent a lot of the day fussing and spitting up. When Jason got home I had a meltdown, which led to him insisting that he, Jack and Maggie go to his parents' house for dinner without me so I could relax. It was hard to watch them go (I cried) even though they were going a mile down the road and would only be gone an hour and a half. I survived and it was good for me to have a quiet house for a little bit. I was certainly happy though when I heard the garage door open when they got home!!

We're having a much better day today. Here are some pictures of the big man from today.

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The Hazletons said...

I'm sure it is the shirt that makes him behave better!!! :) I can't believe how well he fills it out already! Love, love, love the announcement!!!!!! When can Jack come to San Antonio? :)