Jack had his first bottle Wednesday night and took it like a champ. I could get used to this pumping thing! He's now had a total of two bottles. Last night, I tried to feed him a bottle cold at Taylor's football game and he was having none of it.Friday evening Cyndi and the girls stopped by for some Jack lovin' time. Lily is really starting to pay attention to the little man - she loves to hug and kiss him - it is too cute.Mia decided to read Jack some books because he was kind of fussy. It was seriously the cutest thing - he just laid there and stared at her for awhile, then he dozed off after which Mia said (in her best pouty voice) "Mom, why did you make him fall asleep? I was reading to him!" So stinkin' cute!Saturday night, we went to the Ashers to watch the Mizzou game, and Jack met another friend, Nathan Mincher, our neighbor. In fairness, they actually met a few weeks ago, but they were never both awake so we didn't have a photo op. Nathan is 7 weeks older than Jack. We're looking forward to watching them play catch together in a few years!All the neighbor babies! This was hilarious - we put Addison down between them and she was looking at Jack for a couple minutes, then Nathan made a little squeak and she whipped her head towards him like "oh, I didn't know you were there." After that it was like Addi was watching a ping pong match - she just kept looking back and forth between the two boys. Hilarious.
I love this picture because it looks like they're trying to swap pacis.Sunday, we had a few people over to watch football. Mia just loves having all these babies around - she can't get enough!! She read to Addi and even sang "Old MacDonald" to her.At mommy Melissa's request, I captured Addi's poo face. Love it!

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