Productive Snow Days

We had some icy weather Tuesday morning and then got 6"+ of snow Tuesday afternoon/night, so I worked from home both Tuesday and Wednesday. My work is very concerned about safety so yesterday we were encouraged to work from home or work a flex schedule and today it was closed altogether.

Yesterday I was relatively productive work-wise, but today I struggled. I worked some in the morning, but then I started cleaning out the 3rd bedroom and just couldn't stop! I pretty much got everything put away or thrown away, including about 4 shredders-full of paper! Turns out I still had multiple copies of closing documents from my house in Kirkwood - 2 houses ago!

I also partially tackled my closet, and ended up with 2.5 trash bags of clothes for the goodwill pile (so far - still have more work to do).

It feels so good to have all of that finished!! Now I'm ready to paint the 3rd bedroom, which will become the spare bedroom. I have a white quilt and white nightstands, with throw pillows that are blues and purples that I plan to use. I definitely want a dark-ish wall color because of all that white. The only color I've thought of so far is that dark gray/slate color that is popping up all over these days. My concern is how that will look with the taupe walls in the hallway. Or does that even matter? I would appreciate any ideas anyone has!!

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