Pregnant People Everywhere!

This is a great time for me to be pregnant. My best friend Alison in New York is due 2 days before me, and Jason's best friend's wife Melissa (and also a very close friend of mine) who lives a stone's throw away is due May 1. I have three other close friends that are due in July, August and probably October (that's a new development). I also have four ex-coworkers who are pregnant as well as three friends of friends. Crazy - something's in the water around here!

It has been really great to compare notes to everyone though - it makes these obnoxious headaches I'm having seem somehow more bearable when I find out my friends are having them too.


Samantha Lindle said...

That's great that so many of your friends are prego with you. Me and Ellie were due 3 weeks apart so it was nice to have someone going thru the same stuff you are. We actually still talk all the time about what to do since the girls are only 10 days apart. Excited to see this weekend!!

Modern Mama said...

It's just the age...just like how everyone was getting married a few years ago. It goes with the territory. You will start seeing pregnant women everywhere too now!