Ultrasound #3b

I went back to the doctor Thursday and all is still well. He did a more skilled ultrasound. I heard the heartbeat again, which was 158 this time (still a "chick's heartbeat" according to my doctor). He printed off some good pictures for me too - definitely looking more and more like a baby!! I didn't eat candy before I went this time, so Fletch was much more mellow.

This one is cool because you can see Fletch's spine and ribs:

The next 2 are the 3D ones. This one is the profile of Fletch's head, and you can see the skinny little body and skinny little arms:This one is a 3D one from behind with the baby looking to the right- you can see Fletch's spine again:
I got a blood test done which will tell us if Fletch has Down Syndrome or Spinal Bifida. I should find out the results early next week and will keep you posted.

I also got my belly measured for the first time. It measured at 15" or 15.5", which is apparently right on schedule, as you should be about 1" per week and I'm 15 weeks along. When I'm not dressed, I now have a very visible baby bump, but unfortunately when I have winter clothes on, it just looks like I'm a little thick in the middle. :(

My big ultrasound, where they do all kinds of tests and measurements to make sure everything is normal is scheduled for March 16th. Looking forward to it!

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