Ultrasound #3a

Well, we had a doctor's visit today and it went well. I'm 14.5 weeks along, and I have gained 3 pounds, which they say is good (I'll take their word for it). However, right after we got there my doctor got called to deliver a baby and had to leave - I know, can't believe that's more important than my check-up. :)

The nurse practitioners came in and said "we're going to try to do your ultrasound!" Funny stuff. They are certainly not experts, but we were able to see the healthy beating heart. The baby has gotten MUCH larger since the last time we saw him/her. AND the candy I ate before I went there apparently had an effect because the baby was bouncing all around. It was adorable, he/she was sitting Indian style, then would bounce up and down on his/her bum and then straighten his/her legs. It was amazing to watch! They say I should start feeling that in a few weeks.

No pictures yet since it was an amateur version of an ultrasound, but I'm going back to see the doctor Thursday so hopefully I'll get some then.

Because we are not finding out the sex of the baby, and because I don't want to refer to my child as an "it" but it is a royal pain to talk about him/her in both sexes as in the paragraph above, our baby will henceforth be known as "Fletch." Until birth, that is, then Fletch will be granted a real name.

In other news, my neighbor who is almost 20 weeks along found out yesterday she's having a boy!! Fun times!

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