New neighbors!

I know I promised to post from abroad, but it has been a whirlwind, with very little spare time on my hands that is best used for sleep (still trying to get caught up in that department). I did take a ton of pictures in Amsterdam though - there is a lot to see there! Haven't taken a ton in Singapore yet, but hopefully Friday night when all the work is finished, I can take a few more. All in all, the trip is going great - I have met lots of colleagues that I've exchanged numerous emails/phone calls with, so it's great to put faces with names! We are covering the whole Asia/Pacific region, so there are people here from Australia, Thailand, China, India, Pakistan, Philippines....you name it!

Also Jason met some of the new neighbors while visiting the construction site the other night. He said they seemed very nice and probably about our age. He inquired about the experience they had with Lucas Homes and Carol. Apparently they had nothing but nice things to say about both. So that's very comforting. They are having a block party on July 20th. Let me know if anyone needs directions.

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