Basement floor

We have a basement! They poured the floor on Friday. We went out there this afternoon and Jason went down the ladder, but I didn't bother. That was really the only thing new, so I decided a picture of that could wait - that floor's not going anywhere!

Due to my inability to hold onto my camera, we are without until the new one arrives in 7-10 business days. Since my parents are in NY visiting my sister, my in-laws were gracious enough to loan us theirs (didn't end up using it yet). It is at our disposal at their house whenever we need to use it, so I'm sure we'll take advantage of that this week. I'd hate to miss documenting anything in the house progress!

The spec home across the street with the same floor plan as ours is almost finished. We went in today and they have carpet & cabinets. The cabinets are the same color as ours and they look so pretty. Can't wait until our house is that far along!

I talked to the Lucas Homes lady today and she said they should do insulation & drywall very soon, and she would think we'd be in by the end of September. Celebrate!!

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