Arches, bricks and baby beds??

Not a whole lot has changed at the house, except Jason went Wednesday and built the archway for the kitchen doorway. So pretty...

UPDATE: Jason changed the arch because he decided his first one was shitty and wouldn't work. Thanks to Merlin, the project is now done proper-like. No pictures, because I'm out of town and Jason is a lazy jerk who doesn't like to take pictures of 2x4's. But he does thoroughly enjoy watching paint dry. As do most people who actually enjoy looking at pictures of 2x4's.

They're also almost finished with the roof shingles:Looks like the next project is going to be brick, mortar & stone. The front will start to take shape:

We also got a little extra bonus that we didn't even have to pay for - a new baby bed! (OK, maybe new isn't the way to describe it):
Someone apparently thought our future front yard was a great place to dump their trash. Hopefully when we move in they'll realize it's not a junk yard.

I'm leaving tonight for Amsterdam & Singapore. I'm hoping to take pictures while I'm there and hopefully even post them to the blog this week, but no promises.

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