Concrete & siding

We have a garage floor!! It's so pretty. We also have a front porch & half of our siding!!

They also finally installed our back door, so now we're only missing the door leading from the garage inside the house. We went into the basement tonight (by climbing down a rickety ladder) and they have poured gravel everywhere, which means we should have a basement floor any day now! They also put in our rough-in for our basement bathroom.

It seems like it's going so fast!!

On a side note, we also walked through Cyndi & Todd's new house for the first time last night - it's going to be awesome! They're building an atrium ranch, so lots of windows! Can't wait to see the finished product. They are about as far along as us - it's weird because our builders are doing things in different order - we've had our brick for a bit, but they're just getting theirs, but they've had their garage & basement floors for awhile. Only time will tell - we just hope we don't all close on the same day - that would make for a rough weekend of moving!!

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