My trip

My trip to Amsterdam was very short - arrived at about 1:00 in the afternoon on Sunday and left Monday evening around 9:30. We met with people at our new entity all day on Monday (which went well, I might add), so that left Sunday afternoon/evening for exploring even though we had a severe lack of sleep from our overnight flight. There is a TON to see there! All of the buildings are very unique. Here are some examples:

And of course everyone is familiar with the famous Red Light District. We checked that out during the day and stumbled upon it again on our way home at night - it was quite a scene. There really are red lights in the windows, and the poor scantily clad girls waiting for their next customers looked so young. We saw "brown" cafes everywhere and the smell of pot was in the air. We even saw a Hemp & Hash Museum and several stores selling seeds. Definitely an eye-opening experience!

Then it was on to Singapore. We were busy with meetings, training sessions and group dinners, so we didn't explore a ton. The first night we were there, we went to the Chinatown market, and to the Clark Quey (pronounced "key"). It was a big open area with tons of restaurants - it was recently renovated, so every one of the restaurants was new and modern - very cool. Our last night there was Friday night so after dinner we checked out the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo. It was really cool - we rode a tram through the zoo, and all of the animals were right up near the road - almost close enough to touch. No pictures though - the animals are nocturnal so you couldn't use your flash. I was brilliant and tried over & over again to take pictures anyway, and shockingly, they all came out black! We also went to the Raffles Hotel - the oldest hotel in Singapore and the supposed inventor of the Singapore Sling (a yummy fruity mystery drink).

Link to all of my pictures (Amsterdam = 1-51 & Singapore is the rest): http://www1.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=159144527/a=8436422_8436422/t_=8436422

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