Cookie Decorating Party

We had a cookie decorating party last weekend with my friends that I worked with at PwC (and some at Monsanto too).  The party was supposed to be at our friend Stephanie's house - she had even rented kid-sized tables and chairs - but she was on day 3 of a fever, so we decided to relocate to our house instead.

Rebecca and Christa had made all the cookies in advance, then we just whipped up some icing and everyone brought sprinkles and decorations.  I put a throw-away tablecloth on the table and another underneath, which caught most of the mess.  The kids loved it!  Every one of them got into it, at least for awhile.

After the cookie decorating, the kids played and Jack showed off the train under our tree.
And Jack pulled Caroline around in the Cozy Coupe.  Fun times!
Of course no play date is complete without a kids-on-the-couch photo shoot:
Kaitlyn Stebe, Evan Chancellor, Caroline Presson and Jack

plus Ben Stebe, Graham Presson, Charlie and Braeden Hood

Graham helping Charlie out with his paci (these two are 6 days apart - too cute!)
It was a fun party that I'm sure we'll repeat in the years to come!

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