First Stomach Bug

A week before Christmas, Jack had the stomach bug for the first time.  It was sad and pathetic and we are so glad it lasted only 12 hours.  He woke up early Monday morning (around 4 am) and said he needed to go potty.  While Jason was helping him he started saying he was cold over and over again and then he vomited. So Jason brought him into our bed and he woke up about every 30 minutes after that to vomit, usually preceding it with saying he was cold (not sure what that was about).  The poor little guy was not happy.  He said a few times whilst vomiting: "I don't love this."

When Charlie and I left for work/school Jack said "Last day [still his term for anything in the past] Charlie was sick and stayed home with Daddy while I went to school, and today I am sick and have to stay home with Daddy while Charlie goes to school.  Charlie gave me his sick."  Good reasoning for a little guy, but not entirely true since Charlie's "sick" was three weeks earlier and was an ear infection.

Jack continued to get sick all morning, taking intermittent naps with Daddy.  Then around lunch time he finally fell asleep for a good solid nap and woke up back to 100%.  Phew!!

Jason said after Jack was feeling better, they were in our closet and Jason said "brrr, it's cold in here," to which Jack replied "oh, I better get out of here!  Being cold makes me sick!"  Good stuff.

The rest of our family escaped the wrath of the bug, so I guess there is something positive.

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