Wild Lights at the Zoo

Early in December we had some great weather, so we decided to check out the Wild Lights at the Zoo.  It's basically just a chance to visit the Zoo at night with lots of Christmas lights everywhere.  Not all the exhibits are open, but many are.

We went with Uncle Todd, Aunt Cyndi, Mia, Lily and their neighbors.  We had a bit of a rough time because Charlie didn't want to stay in his stroller, especially if we were standing still (when we were waiting in line, for example).  Jason ended up taking Charlie with him with the intent to take him back to the car and drive around since it was nearing his bedtime.  Of course as long as they kept moving, Charlie was perfectly content, so instead the two of them just walked laps around the zoo.

Jack and the rest of us rode the carousel and checked out some of the animals.
Charlie enjoyed the penguins

It was a nice time, but one of the highlights was after we left and Daddy surprised us with a trip to Ted Drewes.  Unfortunately a very large bus was unloading when we pulled up so the lines were crazy long.  We decided instead to get Dairy Queen (since we had already promised ice cream) and then followed through with the rest of Jason's secret plan: driving by our old house in the city and driving through to see some Christmas lights.  It was a really nice way to end our night.

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