Happy Halloween!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year because Jack actually got into deciding what costume to wear and was excited about trick or treating.  He initially decided he was going be Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story so we decided Charlie should be Woody.  Then one night Jack saw me shopping online for toddler Woody costumes and he decided HE wanted to be Woody.  I was so nervous he would change his mind again, so I must have asked him 10 times before I finally ordered their costumes, but turns out he was happy being Woody with Charlie as Buzz.

The weekend before Halloween we went to a party at our friend Ryan's parents' house where they had hayrides, trick or treating and lots of fun.

 By coincidence our friends Nathan and Tyson had decided to be the Toy Story crew too, but it worked out nicely because Nathan (Jack's buddy) was Buzz and Tyson (Charlie's buddy) was Woody
Nathan & Jack

Then on Halloween morning the boys had a parade at school.  It was kind of a cluster of teachers trying to keep track of kids who caught sight of their parents and took off and parents trying to get good glimpses of their kids (hence, no great pictures).  BUT, it was cute nonetheless.  Grandma Lang came up to watch too since she had to work Halloween night and otherwise wouldn't have seen them in their costumes.

Halloween night we did our usual quick trick or treating in our neighborhood with the Ashers, Minchers and Lades.
The two Buzzes - Charlie & Nathan

Reghan, Addi, Jack and Nathan

Hurry!  On to the next house!

Then we scooted on over to Grandma and Grandpa Clayton's house to celebrate Grandma's birthday and trick or treat with the cousins.  Jack had a blast and got so much candy that he had to fill up Uncle Todd's pockets because it was too heavy for him to carry.
Buzz, Jasmine (Mia), Woody & Snow White (Lily)

I have to say three is just about the perfect age for Halloween because he was so excited, getting as much candy as he could, but then all but forgot about it in the days to come so he did not eat a whole lot of it.

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