First Slumber Party

Jack had his first slumber party a few weekends ago.  His cousins Mia and Lily are always asking him to spend the night and he's too nervous to give it a try, so we decided we should start with them staying at our house.  The kids had a lot of fun playing together - they all get along so great!  Charlie went to bed at his normal time then we set the big kids up in sleeping bags in the living room to watch a movie.  When they were all awake after movie number one (Toy Story) we had to start enforcing keeping heads on the pillow and no talking.   Lily fell asleep shortly after the second movie (Cars) started, but Jack and Mia were still going strong.  FINALLY they both fell asleep but it was probably close to 10:30.  Phew!
Jack slept the whole night in the living room with his cousins, which shocked me - I thought for sure he'd want to move into his bed.  In the morning they all woke up and came in our room.
Jason's under there somewhere too!
Jason went and got us donuts for breakfast so that was a fun treat.
Yes Mr. Big Shot had to sit at the table with the other kids

I'm not sure if Cyndi and Todd will be jumping at the chance of future slumber parties at our house because we returned both kids broken.  Lily had a black eye from wrestling with Jason, Mia and Jack.  It was strange because they were all playing pretty rough but she never so much as said "ow" and next thing I knew she had a bruise on her face.  I asked her what happened and she didn't know.  As the night progressed it looked worse and worse and we saw her a week later and it was fading but still there.  Ouch!  And Mia woke up in the morning and told me her throat hurt but she thought it was just dry from sleeping so I gave her water.  Turns out she had strep throat.  Luckily no one else got it, but I sure felt like Aunt of the Year for not even noticing she was sick!
This was early - it just got worse and worse from there
I'm sure we have many, many more cousin sleepovers in our future and we look forward to it!

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