Sleep, Glorious Sleep

I'm finally getting some sleep!  Mr. Charlie has starting going about 7 hours between feedings at night and even went 8 hours on Monday night.  Of course, that night I woke up after about 6 hours and heard him stirring about every 20 minutes, even getting out of bed a few times to go in there only to have him quiet down before I even got out of our room.  I also have not been great about going to bed right when he does, so the 7-8 hours doesn't necessarily translate to my hours of sleep.  BUT I'm thankful the little man is doing his part, now I just need to do mine - straight to bed and turn the monitor down a bit so his little grunts and squeaks aren't waking me!

Charlie is starting to get much more active.  He's awake a lot more these days, and has really started enjoying laying on his back for stretches of time.  He enjoys his playmat, but is just fine on a blanket on the floor as well. He's starting to "talk," making the sweetest little noises.  Observe:
The big guy also starting issuing his first real smiles last week.  They are still only an infrequent occurrence and we have to really coax them out of him, but hopefully that will change in the coming weeks.

Jack continues to impress us every day with his vocabulary.  We can understand almost everything he says and he is stringing together many words to make sentences.  His pronunciation is constantly improving as well - for example, he used to say "pelp" but now says "help."

He has been counting to 10 since about his birthday, but these last few weeks he's also become really interested in the alphabet.  He's constantly singing his ABCs - well, really only about 1/2 of the song and for now it's his own version. It is adorable.  Observe:
Coo coo S, wee wee wee, W, X Y, Z.  We get to listen to him on the monitor every night and morning singing this part of the song.  Love it!

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