First Zoo Visit

Charlie made his first trip to the zoo Thursday. The weather was beautiful, so Grandma, Grandpa and I took the boys. It was a good day.

Jack of course loved the choo choo and riding through the "dark nunnels," and Grandma said he waved at everyone they passed (Charlie and I stayed back at the station so Charlie could eat).

 Then we came across this tunnel and we thought we'd never get him away from it!
 Charlie was a good sport, alternating time in his car seat (clicked into the sit & stand stroller) and in the carrier.  He also donned his Cardinals hat for part of the day to keep the sun off his little head.
The highlight of the day was the up-close glimpse of the new baby elephant, Kenzi.  She came very close to us with her mama and we got to watch them eat hay.

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