Thursday night we checked out an event sponsored by our Parents as Teachers group with the Ashers.  It was a sample Kickaroos (soccer) class at Vetta Sports.  Jack was in heaven with all the space to run around and all the soccer balls!!  Of course, he basically ignored the entire class and all the activities (a game of red light, green light, dribbling the ball into some mini goals, playing with balls on a parachute, etc) and did his own thing the whole time.  His own thing happened to be running up and down the field kicking, dribbling and throwing the ball.  Turns out our boy is 100% left-footed - even if the ball is coming to his right, he'll reposition himself to kick with his left.  Interesting because we're still not sure which hand he will use, though it's looking like it will be his right.

 (Addi actually did participate in the activities - here she is enjoying red light, green light)
I like this group shot - Jason on the left, Greg on the right, Melissa in the background holding Charlie while I snapped some pictures.  The only one missing is Ethan, who was in his car seat on the floor by Melissa's feet.
Although Jack didn't really get a lot of skills out of the class, it was still worth our while.  He left there covered in sweat and dirt, so I'd say he had a good time.

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