As I mentioned in my last post, I've signed Jack up for yet another trial gymnastics class - I've been taking advantage of lots of Groupon deals.  This one is at GymQuarters, which is a real gymnastics place.  Addi is doing the class with him, which Jack of course loves!  Here they are waiting for class to start.

The first week, Jack was pretty distracted because there are kids everywhere in this gym and just so much activity going on.  Tonight he did much better with staying with our group.  Last week they practiced walking on the balance beam and jumping on the trampoline.  This week they got to jump into the pit, practice somersaults and do different things on the bars.  Fun times.

Addi sliding off the slide:

Jack never tried the slides, but liked jumping into the pit

All by himself!  So strong!!
It also happened to be the end of a session so they each got to pick out a ribbon (Jack picked pink)...
Then they stood on the platform...
And showed off their ribbon while the parents and teachers clapped for them.  Seriously the cutest thing.
 Addison's turn:

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