One Month Old

Our little guy is already one month old! I wish I could freeze time.
Charlie's still doing great in his crib and in the last couple days has made a breakthrough and now enjoys his swing too.  Nice for Mommy & Daddy, especially during mealtimes. 

We gave him his first bottle this morning and I'd say we still have some work to do in this area.  Jason tried it first, and Charlie was having none of it.  We heated the milk a little more (initially we just took the chill off) and then I tried to give it to him and he still wanted nothing to do with it - sucking a little only to let the milk drip right out of his mouth.  I decided to nurse him for a few minutes so he wouldn't be so hungry and then try again.  This time he actually drank a little bit from the bottle.  However that was short-lived and when Jason tried to feed him he was  no longer interested.  I finished out the feeding by nursing him and we'll try the bottle again soon.  We'll get there...

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Modern Mama said...

He sure looks like Jason! I know what you mean about freezing time. It seems to go even faster the second time around. Enjoy every minute of it.