One Proud Mama

Jack made me very proud tonight - he went pee pee AND poo poo on the potty for the first time!!

We are by no means potty training him right now.  I realize most kids are too young at 21 months, especially boys.  But he has been curious the past few months, so we've had his little potty out in the bathroom for awhile. We read a few potty books regularly and he's sat on the big potty a couple times just for fun.

Tonight he kept tooting while he was taking his bath, so when I got him out I put him on the big potty.  Sure enough, he went pee pee almost immediately!!  I was so excited!!  Then he kept saying "more, more."  And I realized he was pushing - next thing you know he's going poo poo too!  What a big shot!  We celebrated with a popsicle (he requested a yeyyow one).

We won't be throwing away his diapers just yet, but at least now he knows what it feels like, which is a start!!

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Alison Marciano said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! YAY Jack!!!!!!! WIsh Giana would surprise me with that!!!!