Sparky Update - 29 Weeks

I had a doctor visit this week, so I figured it was time for a Sparky update.  I am 29 weeks along today and feeling pretty good.  Starting to get some aches and pains when I move too fast or do too much, and starting to lose a little of my energy, but generally, still doing well.  So far I've only had one crazy calf cramp, but I'm sure there are more of those to come.  The heartburn has continued as well - almost every morning around 4:00 I take 2 Tums, but I'm still falling right back asleep, so again, nothing to complain about.  I took my glucose test this week and they said no news is good news. Since it's now been 3 days, I'm assuming I'm in the clear.

We had an ultrasound at our visit this week and got a really good 3D picture of Sparky.  I think he/she looks just like Jack did in the womb.  
The heartbeat was 150, which according to Dr. Herrmann is a "dude."  Baby is getting very strong with lots of kicks and punches.  Sometimes we have to have a little chat about letting Mommy get some sleep.

Here's a picture of me today - getting big! 

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