Race for the Cure

We participated in Race for the Cure Saturday with the Ashers and the Lades.  It was very crowded, as always, but the weather ended up being great after a full week of 95 degree days.  This year we opted for the 1 mile fun walk (instead of the 5K) since we had 3 toddlers with limited attention spans and two of us are 6 months pregnant.  It was just the right distance for us and all the kids were great (with a little help from fruit snacks, juice, etc).

Here are the kiddos enjoying a pre-race sucker (Jack, Addi & Reghan):

Our family:
Melissa, Addi & Greg:
Darrin, Reghan, Julie & Chrissy:
During the walk - people as far as you can see (and a LOT of pink):
Jack displaying his shirt, which said "My Grandma has BIG muscles.  She beat up cancer."

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