Visit to the Farm

You may recall that Grandma & Grandpa Clayton have a farm in northern Missouri, which we visit from time to time.  On Father's Day weekend we took Jack for his third visit and had a nice weekend.  It was a quick trip - we went up Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon - but Jason got plenty of fishing in, which was the main goal.  Jack even got to do some fishing with Paw Paw and Dada.
(notice the teeny fish on their line in this one): 

Jack slept in a pack & play for the first time in months, and he did pretty well.  He needed some help falling asleep for his nap Saturday, so I had to rock him to sleep and then lie down in bed with him.  It was special snuggle time that I just don't get much these days, so I was not complaining!!  Then that night he fell asleep on his own in the pack & play after less than 10  minutes or so.  Better than I expected!

Jack took a bath in the kitchen sink, as is the tradition for the Clayton grand kids.  See how much he's grown in a year?
May 2010 - 9 Months Old

June 2011 - 22 Months Old

He loved it when Grandma squirted him with the faucet:

Jack and Dada on the lawn mower
 Jack "driving" the mule: 
 Going for a ride w/Dada and Paw Paw - they said he LOVED it!
 Happy guy!
 "Driving" Paw Paw's tractor 
On Sunday we went into town to a place where you can feed deer.  It was kind of hot, so for the most part the deer stayed in the shade rather than coming to get our corn, but Jack still loved it.  He kept yelling "Deer!  Deer!" trying to get them to come to us and loved throwing the corn into the fence.

Finally one came near us
 Nice family weekend - looking forward to our next farm visit.

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