Fish Fry

I just turned in from a fun afternoon/evening with our friends.  We had a group over for a fish fry after Jason, Steve and Darrin caught a bunch of crappie over the past few weeks.  The food was delicious and we all had a nice time.  So many kids all the same age - such a fun play date!!

Nathan Mincher, Addi Asher, Reghan Lade and Jack (Sloan, Connor and Aidan in the background)
 Aidan & Connor Neu:
 Jack after he enjoyed a cupcake.  Blue lips!!
 Aidan and Maggie Neu.  Check out Maggie's adorable curls!
 Jack, Reghan & Nathan playing in the next door neighbor's rock box (think sand box with pebbles in lieu of sand) - it was a HUGE hit!
 Neighbors: Nathan, Addi & Jack
 Jack & Sloan Schneider

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