Swim Lessons, Take II

You may recall that Jack took swim lessons about a year ago when he was 7-8 months old, which he really enjoyed.  We decided to sign him up again because a lot has changed in a year and we want him to be ready for pool weather when it finally gets here.  We have 2 pools in our subdivision, so we like to take quick jaunts up there in the summer to get our fill.

Jack was a little unsure what to think at our first class.  It is about 35 minutes long and he was very clingy for about the first 15 minutes.  Then he started to get more comfortable and had a good time.  We've now had 2 more classes and the child is turning into a little fish!  He kicks his legs when we're "swimming" through the lazy river and LOVES to jump off the side into my arms.  We're still working on blowing bubbles in the water - he forgets to close his mouth - yuck!  Bath time now suddenly includes some tummy time with him kicking his feet (he learned this at the zero-entry part of the pool and is so proud when he thinks to do it in the bath too).

The class is very repetitive, especially for 7 weeks in a row, but I'm glad we signed up.  Our last class is June 11, then we'll head outside to the pool to show off his new skills!!

This video shows the teacher trying to get Jack to blow bubbles when all he really wanted to do was jump off the step.  Addi is in the background too.

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