Merry Christmas!

We has a mostly merry Christmas this year. It was very hectic and spread over 4 days (Jack didn't open most of his gifts from Santa until the day after Christmas and didn't open his presents from Grandma and Grandpa Lang until last night). We saw a lot of family, including my sister and her husband, so it was great. Our one negative moment was when Jack fell down the wooden stairs at my parents' house on Christmas day. I'm pretty sure Jason and I stopped breathing for about 10 minutes until he finally calmed down. We were very lucky - he is fine, aside from a few bruises - but oh man, that was scary!!

Jack got LOTS of new toys and he is one happy camper! He is literally playing with EVERY one of his new toys, so I'd say generally his 2nd Christmas was a big success!

Here is a summary in pictures:

Our outrageous number of presents purchased (only a handful of these were for Jack, don't worry!!)
Jack walking into his toy room to see the two big things Santa brought: a tool chest and a table and chairs set:The tools are a big hit:And so is the table:
New train table from Grandma & Grandpa Clayton:
Jack loved his cousins' new Barbie car:
A new truck (he got lots of cars, trucks and trains):
Digging in to his stocking from Grandma & Grandpa Lang:
A new fishing rod (we have since put this away for a few months as he was whipping everything in sight with it):
First attempt at a family photo - not too successful:
Improved, but after Jack and Daddy got into their comfy clothes:
Jack with his cousins Lily & Mia:Grandma & Grandpa Clayton with three of their five grandkids:Cyndi, Todd, Mia & Lily:Kelly & Greg, the newlyweds!
Thank you hugs for Grandma:And Grandpa:Jason and I both also got lots of goodies for Christmas. I received the big zoom lens for my camera - can't wait to use it - and the Twilight movies, a watch, some clothes, stemless wine glasses (no more hand washing my wine glasses - a dreaded task!!) and some other fun stuff. J got lots of fishing stuff, rain gear, a jig-tying kit (which he is using as we speak to prepare for tomorrow's fishing trip), a steam cleaner (the Little Green Clean Machine) and some fun gifts from my sister & Greg, including this beer holster:

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Carol said...

Mitch got the same thing from Joe! We'll see when he uses it!