Ms Mia

Yesterday our nieces Paige and Mia had their semi-annual dance recital. They both did great in their one dance each and most of the other 33 dances were entertaining as well. No pictures or videos are allowed, so I didn't take my camera, BUT Ms Mia is on the "competition squad" and they also performed today at the mall. Here she is all dolled up:
Jack didn't recognize her with all her make-up. It was cute, she kept saying "Jack Man, it's just Mia."

Here's her dance - pardon the poor videoing, especially at the beginning (I was holding Jack in one hand and holding the video camera up in the air to get over the crowd with the other hand). Mia is in the back left - not too shabby for a 4 1/2 year old, eh??

I'm one proud aunt!

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