Jack got a haircut just before Thanksgiving, and I swear it added about 3 years. I almost cried!

Here's my innocent little toddler with sweet wispy hair:OK, it might have been a little long, as evidenced in the blowing wind:
BUT REALLY?? He looks 4 years old now!!
Big boy with Daddy:
I like it now and he looks devilishly handsome, but it took a day to adjust to how grown up he looks!!

Here's the sole picture from the play date I mentioned in my last post. Unfortunately, Ella had to take her nap shortly after we got there, but it was still great to visit with Amanda, Lisa and Maci!
Jack had his first "Daddy Day" yesterday. With the grass officially dormant, Jason has some extra time on his hands, so he's going to be watching Jack on Wednesdays now. They had a good day, but I think Jason was a little overwhelmed. Jack is a busy guy and it can be exhausting to keep him out of trouble all day. I suggested in the future they take some little field trips to prevent them from going stir crazy (mall playgrounds, story time at the library, playing with our nieces at Grandpa's house, etc.). I think they're going to really love their full days together. I'm not going to lie, I wish it was me staying home with our son one (or two or seven) days a week, but instead I will just focus on how great it is for Jason and Jack.

Jack really enjoyed my hat when I got home from work last night.
So far he's doing pretty well wearing his own new winter hat, and he looks adorable in it. I hope to snap a picture of that this weekend before he decides he's not wearing it anymore!

Last but not least, here is a little video from a few weeks ago of Jack "helping" Grandpa rake the leaves. Love it!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I love the new haircut and I laughed out loud when Jack helped rake the leaves! Too cute!


Alison Marciano said...

this was hilarious!!!! i love that he tried to empty the bag!!