Well, it's official. Our son shares his grandpa Clayton's love for trains. You may recall that last Christmas Jack received a very special gift - his very own Lionel train. We put it under our tree this year, and he LOVES it! The first day or two, he was unsure of the loud noise and wanted to be near us while it was on. Now, however, the minute he wakes up in the morning or gets home, he immediately goes in and turns it on. He turns it on and off all day long and blows the whistle. Even when he's in the other room and Jason or I nonchalantly turn it off, he darts back in there and turns it back on again. Here's a demonstration:

Here's a picture from Friday (when Jack turned 16 MONTHS OLD, by the way) while Grandma and I were wrapping Christmas gifts. Such a helper!
While I was in out of town for work the week before last, Jason accidentally taught Jack to stand on this plush toy block to turn on the lights, and it wasn't working out great for him, as you can see here. It's a little long (2.5 minutes) but worth it if you get to the end (in my opinion anyway).

So this weekend I bought him a stool so he can accomplish his favorite task (turning lights on and off) without all the risky effort.

Ah, much better!

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Kelly said...

that stool made him very happy, so cute!