15 Months!

This blog is belated because we've been busy! Lots to catch up on. First, Jack is 15 months old now. He had his check-up today, which meant two more shots (chicken pox and MMR). He also had two rounds of the flu shot over the past month and a half and did great both times - no tears! Brave little guy.

At 15 months, Jack is 28 pounds, 14 ounces (92nd percentile) and is 33 1/4 inches tall (95th percentile). He has 12 teeth (the front 8 and all four of the first molars). He wears size 18 months pants and 18 or 24 month shirts and jammies, and he wears size 6 shoes. Phew! He's cruising through those shoe sizes. He's in between a size 4 and size 5 diaper, with the 4 getting a little snug and the 5 just a smidge too big.

Here are some bath-time videos displaying some of his skills.

(please disregard my melodious singing voice in this one)

By the way, when Jason viewed these videos (and the other 5 or 6 that I've taken over the past month), he said "he's like your circus monkey" and "you're worse than those moms who put their kids in pageants" and "of course he wouldn't touch his belly, he hadn't been given his union-mandated break yet." Ah, men. They just don't understand how precious these teeny milestones are. And just for that, against his wishes, I am posting this adorable video of my husband and son reading together.

Here's a picture of Jack enjoying his first Dum Dum sucker. We discovered these are nice bribery when we need to trim his fingernails or the hair around his ears. He LOVES them.
A few weeks ago, we had a play date with Giana (in town from New York), Ella and baby Maci. It was a lot of fun! My friend Amanda even got in on the girls' night from San Antonio (via Skype, such a brilliant invention). Here's Jack and Giana:
Miss Maci:
Ella and Jack watching Giana and Alison leave. Does it get any cuter??
We also visited the Magic House again a few weeks ago. Last time we went there, Jack wasn't walking yet, so it was nice to let him explore more this time. He had a good time. Loved shopping in the grocery store:
And would have played with the big water table for hours if we'd have let him.
And of course, as I said last time, you can't visit the Magic House without doing the electricity ball. This time was more fun because he has a lot more hair.Oh, and those who know my dad will recognize this as the standard Grandpa Lang stance. I'm telling you this child is a mini-Tom!
Just looking cute in the bath:
Coloring some Thanksgiving pictures. He still thinks crayons are a yummy snack, so we only color in small doses.
Saturday night we went to the Minchers' annual friends Thanksgiving party, which was fun. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of Nathan, Addi and Jack together, but here are Jack and Addi hamming it up.
Sunday, I tried to take Jack to the park for a nice fall photo shoot and I quickly learned that is no easy task solo with a 15-month old. Not exactly the nice "playing the leaves" pictures I imagined.
We left the park Sunday because I started to feel kind of crummy, and I'm glad we left when we did because almost as soon as we got home, I started vomiting and had diarrhea. Luckily, Grandma came and picked Jack up (Jason was a couple hours away fishing) because the fun continued every 5-10 minutes for the next 6 HOURS until Jason came home and took me to urgent care. They said I just had a bug, and gave me some anti-nausea meds and then (after 4 tries of pricking my severely-dehydrated veins) gave me a heaven-sent IV, which finally made me feel better. Phew! That was a rough day! I'm back to 100% today, and so far (knock on wood!!) my boys haven't gotten sick. We did take Jack's temperature Monday after he awoke from a nap inconsolable. Luckily, no fever and he snapped out of it after 20 minutes or so - we think he may be having nightmares because this is not the first time. He did help us by taking his own temperature later on. Not to worry, still no fever.
Well, I think that's everything from the past few weeks. We have a play date tomorrow, and of course Thanksgiving, so I'll be sure to take my camera along (did you have any doubt??).

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