NYE and Play Dates Galore

Every year I have the week between Christmas and New Year's off of work, and it is heavenly! Jack and I had a few play dates, and Jason and I started tackling the basement project (new shelves, getting rid of stuff and just general organization). The time off went by way too quickly, as it always does, but it was nice.

Here's a summary of the play dates in photos.

We had Addi over on December 26th and played with all of Jack's new toys from Christmas.
Then Monday our friend Caroline came over to play. Doesn't she look like such a peanut next to him? She's 9 months old to his 16 months, but they had fun together (and so did their mommies).
Tuesday Jack's cousins Mia and Lily came by for a brief visit.
And Wednesday we went over to play with Ella and Maci.
Fun week!! And to top it off we had a BIG play date at Addi's house on New Year's Eve!

Addi & Reghan:Ava, Jack and Addi (who knew the booster seat would be such a hit??):
Miss Reghan holding on to daddy Darrin's leg
Jack & Addi:
Reghan & Jack engrossed in Addi's laptop:
Ava, Jack and Tyler - toys everywhere!!Jack & Sloan (again, with the laptop):
Also, here's Jack's play room all put together with his new table/chairs, train table and our new cubby organizer. Just need to hang his white board on the wall and we'll be all set!

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Rebecca said...

I still can't get over how tiny C looks (and the lack of hair doesn't help either). Thanks for loaning us the music table, too. She loves it!