Play Dough

Last night we celebrated Jason's birthday by having family and some friends over. There were LOTS of kiddos (Jack, Mia, Lily, Addison, Reghan and Cameron and Zachary (Reghan's cousins). Everyone played great together and it's nights like these that we LOVE our segregated toy room (formerly our hearth room).

Here are Mia, Lily, Jack and Reghan (and Chrissy) eating dinner. Jack loves to say "cheese" every time you bring out the camera these days.
Today we made some play dough (thanks for the idea, Alison!), and it was a big hit! I bet we played with it for 45 minutes - not too shabby for a toddler of (almost) 17 months. We discovered that Jack can say "circle," though it sounds more like "gircle." Love it!

This video is a little belated, but we let him play with the new water table Grandma & Grandpa got him for Christmas for a few minutes. It's now in the basement awaiting warmer weather so we can play with it outside, but I think he's going to really enjoy it (if Mommy's smart enough to put warm water in it instead of cold!!).

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