School Pictures

Jack's first school pictures are in - they turned out so cute! It's a little unfortunate because I kind of have to buy them now even though I got pictures done at 6 months and will get more taken at the end of this month. Who can pass up cute pictures of their baby though? AND they're his FIRST school pictures!!Jack's doing great. I think we may be officially finished with our run with nursing. We were down to only morning and night, then this week I switched the night feeding to formula. This morning Jack fought nursing, so I gave him formula instead. We had a good run, and I'm happy with how long we made it (8 1/2 months if you lost track).

We're starting to try out some finger foods. So far, Jack has tried whole grain bread and Swiss cheese, and he loved them both. He's so funny because EVERY item he has ever come across has gone straight to his mouth, but when I put food, puffs, yogurt melts, etc. in front of him, he picks them up and throws them straight onto the floor. Thank goodness for our doggie/vacuum cleaner. Today we tried a biter biscuit, which is much bigger than the pieces I've been giving him and he chowed down. Of course, he made a huge mess because the biscuits are made to get mushy when wet.

Jack had his first bath in the real tub this week (until now we've been using the blow up ducky in the big tub), and he loves it. He spins himself around so he can bang on the wall, then scoots over to grab a toy, then leans forward to touch the running water. He loves it. I truly think he would spend hours in the tub if I let him.

We celebrated the first of many 1st birthday parties this weekend - Addison Asher turned one! We had a fun time at the party - it's so fun having all the babies together. Addi got lots of goodies and did a great job making a mess of her smash cake. So fun! Nathan is the next one to turn one!

Jack is now rocking back and forth, but not making any forward movement yet. Boy does he LOVE to stand though!! He thinks he's such a hot shot when he's standing. It's too cute. And he is quite the dancer! ALWAYS dancing! Love it!

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