First Official Haircut

Jack had his first real haircut this afternoon. We went to this adorable place called The Hairy Elephant, which caters to babies and kids. Jack was a perfect little angel. I sat him in his Jeep and strapped him in and he was all smiles the whole time. She even used the trimmers around his ears and the back of his head and he just giggled. Such a big boy!! He was mostly focused on eating the comb he snagged from the stylist. Luckily she had a spare to use for his hair.

Snip, snip:
Here come the trimmers!
His certificate of honor, complete with a photo and some snippets of hair:
The finished product:


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Too cute! He looks like such a little man! :)

Melissa Asher

Alison Marciano said...

such a big boy!!!!! ;) that place looks too fun by the way. I love that they gave him a certificate. I want to see that little guy so badly!!