Laura & Paul's Wedding

As I mentioned in the last post, Jason and I were in Los Gatos, CA last weekend for the wedding of my oldest friend in the world, Laura Brasier. The wedding was at a place called Nestldown, and it could only be described as "enchanting" or "magical." It was beautiful! Everything was outside, except the late night dancing and it was among a forest of giant redwoods and beautiful flowers and greenery. I can't say enough about it, so let me show you some pictures:

Of course, Laura was a beautiful bride, and everyone had a blast!!

My family and I got there on Thursday (except Jason who didn't come until Friday night). Thursday afternoon we went to Santa Cruz for lunch. Friday we spent the day in Carmel doing the "17-mile drive," which winds around the beaches and Pebble Beach and its two sister golf courses. It was very scenic!
The Lone Cypress (inspiration for the Pebble Beach logo):
Pebble Beach:
Pebble Beach:
The Lodge at Pebble Beach:
Sunday, we checked out the Winchester House. Basically, it's this huge old mansion where Sarah Winchester (of the Winchester Firearms family) lived. She was told by a psychic that to keep away the spirits of the people killed by her company's firearms, she should always have construction going on at her house. So for 38 years, she had some sort of construction being done, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The result is this crazy big house with all kinds of quirks (stairways that lead to nothing, doorways that open into a wall or to a drop-off, etc.). It was pretty cool. We weren't allowed to take pictures there, but the website tells you a little more about it if you're interested.

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