Mr. Jack learned to crawl today! We are so proud of our little guy. Last night, Grandpa Lang was really working with him and he was sooooo close, then today he mastered it! He gets this big happy smile on his face like he's just so proud of himself. So cute.

Crawling, Take 1:

Crawling, Take 2:

We already had one mini-casualty in our not-quite-baby-proofed house - Jack pulled the speaker tower down on himself. It's pretty lightweight, so it didn't hurt him, but it scared him for a second. Daddy came to his rescue in a quick second and stood the speaker back up, after which Jack immediately tried to topple it again. Ah, the fun begins!!

Here's a bonus video of my favorite little laugh:

And a funny one of our little dancin' machine:


Kelly said...

It must have been the haircut. Now that he's not so top-heavy he can instantly crawl!

Annie Clayton said...

Funny! You might be on to something!!

Alison Marciano said...

I love the dancing!!! He's got some moves already . ;)

Samantha Lindle said...

Sam loves the laugh...she thought is it was so funny. She kept saying "more videos of baby Jack"