A Little Off

Well, Jack is officially 8 months old. Let's see what's new since the last update...

We celebrated Mia's 4th birthday on Saturday. She had a bouncy castle, which all the kiddos loved of course. Jack wasn't sure what to think. At first I don't think he could tell if the squealing kids were happy or sad - he just kind of stared in shock for several minutes. After he took it all in, he and I got in for a couple minutes. Again, he wasn't sure if he liked the bouncing or not.

We have now had our 2nd and 3rd overnights without Jack. The 2nd was unplanned last Thursday when I got stuck at work until 10:50! Grandma Lang picked Jack up from day care and took him home. By the time I finally left work, I decided it was best to just let him stay there to sleep. Then our 3rd overnight was Saturday night while Jason and I went to my friend Melissa's (from work) wedding. We had a fun time at the wedding, and all survived the overnight.

Unfortunately, Jack woke up 4 times while he was at Grandma & Grandpa's Saturday night (sorry Grandma!). Then he continued this new fun trend for the following 3 nights as well. That made for some long, sleepy days at work for Mommy! He also hasn't really been himself the last few days, so Jason took him to the doctor yesterday to get checked out. No ear infection, so that's great. We think he might have a touch of the stomach bug that seems to be going around and/or he's working on some more teeth. He also has the most raw little hiney that I've ever seen. Poor little guy. We've been giving his little tush some air time, which is a little nerve-wracking when he's rolling all around on the carpet. So far, no accidents (knock on wood!).
We had a visit from our new (and much improved) Parents As Teachers rep yesterday. She had a lot of good pointers on helping him crawl, get more stable on his feet, etc. I think she's going to be a great resource for us. We won't see her again until the end of August since they take the summer off, so she gave me a whole list of stuff to watch for with Jack.

Just in the last couple of days, Jack has figured out how to get up on all fours. He's not spending any significant time there, but it's a start! And tonight I noticed he's pushing himself backwards. In fact, he pushed himself several feet and ended up under the bookshelf (all while still 1/2 naked - hope he didn't get rug burn!). Silly little man. He's also trying to pull himself up, but hasn't quite been successful yet. He's getting more and more sturdy on his little feet too! Only a matter of time...

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