Happy Easter!

Hopefully everyone had a nice Easter. Jack's first Easter was great - we had perfect weather and spent a lot of quality time with our families. Jack got a lot of goodies from the Easter Bunny, his grandparents, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Greg and even Mommy's cousin! Lucky little guy.

He looked quite dashing in his linen shirt, khaki shorts and no-lace Converse-esque shoes, if I do say so myself.

Getting ready for Easter:
Jack and Grandpa Lang:
Showing off his duds (notice how long the "shorts" are on him - that's what happens when you wear 18 months when you're only 7 months old!):First time feeling grass:
Playing with his new drum (thanks Aunt Kelly & Uncle Greg!):
Playing with his cousins Lily and Mia:
So sweet - Mia and Jack
Mia and Lily:We also visited the Easter Bunny at Bass Pro Shops last week. Jack was all smiles until he looked up and checked the bunny out, then looked back at us and realized he was all alone. We had plenty of time to get a few happy pictures though! My favorite was the little girl in front of us, who was maybe 3 years old. She looked up at the Easter Bunny with this super serious face and said "I would like a horsey and a bouncy ball." What a riot.Patiently waiting in line (and drooling as usual):

Here are a couple videos from Easter.
1. Playing catch with Grandpa

2. Checking out the goodies the Easter Bunny brought for him

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