Tooth #2

Jack's second tooth has arrived! His other bottom middle tooth poked through the gums this morning. Big day.

Also contributing to his big day: his first taste of meat! I boiled a couple chicken breasts and semi-pureed them (left it a little lumpy to get him used to more texture). He liked it at first, but after several bites he got kind of tired of it. I think he was getting tired of all the chewing. :)

Jack has perfected his "so big" and does it all the time now, sometimes without being prompted. We're working on a few more tricks and so far have almost mastered the high five. We're still working on clapping and waving "bye bye."

We've been enjoying the nice weather by going to the playground, taking walks and just hanging out outside.

Enjoying the swing:
Mia & Jack:
Going down the slide (Mia had a death grip on him - it was cute):
Brace yourself for the cutest baby legs you ever did see - so excited about shorts weather!!
Little soccer star:So big!
This picture shows off his tooth, and if you look really closely, you can see the new one to the right of the other.

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Kelly said...

I think Jack looks like Dad in that first pic of him in the swing