Ultrasound #8 - 33 Weeks

I have a lot to update, but I will try to go in order. First, finally an update on my doctor visit from last Tuesday (6/23). Everything is still looking great - Fletch is still head down, which of course is good. The heartbeat is 133 (boy heartbeat) and I have gained 25 pounds, which they say is healthy. My doctor said to keep doing whatever I'm doing and didn't like it when I confessed that was sitting on my rump and eating ice cream every night. Some things you should just keep to yourself I guess. :)

We got a few more pictures of Fletch's face, but he/she did not want to move his/her hand, so all the pictures are pretty much the same. This is a profile shot of Fletch looking to the left with the back of the left hand up by the face:
More updates to come soon!

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