Friends Shower

I had my final shower Sunday - this one was held and attended by my friends. It was yet another amazingly-planned shower!! Lisa, Amanda and Alison did a great job, and I had a great time! The food was delicious, the little games were cute and the favors were adorable:Fletch got a ton of new goodies. I think we're pretty much all set!! I'm going tonight (hopefully) to get the last few necessities, then it's time to finish getting organized!! Fletch is all set to be a tiny Tiger - he/she received a Mizzou hooded sweatshirt, a Tiger t-shirt and some teeny MU booties - can't wait to try them all out!!
Here are some group shots. First, the hostesses (minus Alison, who was in NY having her own baby shower), Amanda and Lisa:Fletch's Aunt and Cousins: Cyndi, Mia, Paige & Lily:
My friends from the "Jason group" (minus Caron who had to leave a bit early), Jill, Chrissy, Melissa and Addison, Sloan, Shea and Kate:Work friends - Melissa & Rebecca:
The Grandmas: Grandma Lang and Grandma Clayton:You can't have 5 pregnant girls in a room and not take a picture!! Kate, Jill, Renee, Me and Chrissy:
Renee had her baby Tuesday - more on that in the next post!

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