Doctor Visit

Well, I'm officially 35 weeks along as of today - only 5 weeks to go!! That seems so close, but I think we're pretty much ready. Still have to do a few things - pack the hospital bag, have the car seats installed, etc., but we're in good shape. At work, however, I feel like have tons to get done! It's stressing me out quite a bit!

I had a doctor visit Tuesday. As I mentioned before, no ultrasound this time, just got weighed, measured my belly, listened to the heartbeat and had the Strep B test. Haven't heard results back yet, but it's not really a concern either way. Basically if I am a carrier of Strep B (30-40% of pregnant women are) they need to know in advance so they can give me an antibiotic during labor to protect the baby.

I go back in 2 weeks for our 9th and final ultrasound! I assume we'll also start checking for dilation then since I'll be 37 weeks. Crazy!

In other news, Jason and I went last night to visit our new neighbor, Baby Nathan. He is a sweet little peanut - I got to hold him for quite awhile and he just mostly slept. Renee and Ryan are getting settled in and enjoying their new son. Very fun. Each new baby I meet makes me more and more anxious for Fletch's arrival!!

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