Long, Exhausting Weekend

Thursday night Melissa and I went with some of her teacher friends to the River City Rascals game. For those who don't know, that is our local Independent Baseball League team, and their stadium is 2 miles from our house. It was really fun - it had more of a Spring Training feel to it. Oh, and the $1 beers were nice too. Turns out, Andy Van Slyke's (for you non-St. Louisans, he was a big Cardinals player in the 80s) son A.J. plays for the Rascals.
Friday night, we had a wedding. It was nice because it was at the Foundry Arts Centre, where Jason and I got married. We hadn't been back since, so it was fun to see it again. They had a really cool idea for their guestbook - they had a photo booth and you went in and got a collage of 4 pictures taken, then it printed out and the attendant attached it to a page in the guestbook, where you then signed with your message and name. It was really cool! At the end of the night, the bride and groom also get a CD of all the pictures taken throughout the night. I have a feeling there are about 40 pictures including these two cousins (the groom's daughter, Maddie and my niece, Paige), who couldn't get enough of the photo booth:
Saturday the exhausting part of the weekend started. We started laying the pavers on the patio. We were very lucky with the weather since it is typically about 100 degrees this time of year - it was only about 85, but we still all managed to get sunburns. Here's the crew & the progress from Saturday:
Sunday we made a ton of progress as well, and had an even bigger crew helping us out!Here's what we got done this weekend:
After we finish laying the last stretch of pavers, we'll have to put sand over the whole thing and rent a tamper to press them all down. Then landscaping around the sides, finishing the steps off the patio, and building steps leading down from the house. We're not out of the tunnel yet, but at least we can see the light now!

Thanks a million to all of our laborers from this weekend: Greg, Melissa, Darrin, Mert, Taylor & Steve! We really appreciate your help and could not get this done without you! Also, a big thanks to Darlene for making us all dinner - it hit the spot after a long two days of work!

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